Windows Environment Assessment - Program Features

Capabilities provided by the Windows Environment Assessment application:

Built in windows commands and tools
  • Command Prompt (CMD) Command Prompt (CMD)
  • Defrage Defrag
  • Windows Explorer Explorer
  • MSConfig MSConfig
  • MS PaintMS Paint
  • Notepad Notepad
  • Problem Steps Recorder Problem Steps Recorder (PSR)
  • Registry EditorRegEdit
  • Snipping Tool Snipping Tool
  • Task ManagerTask Manager

Control Panel Items
  • BitLocker Encryption BitLocker Encryption
  • Credential ManagerCredential Manager
  • Default Programs Default Programs
  • Device Manager Device Manager
  • Ease of Access Center Ease of Access Center
  • Internet Options Internet Options
  • Mail Mail (MS Outlook) Settings
  • Network Adapters Network Adapters
  • Power Settings Power Settings
  • Programs and Features Programs and Features
  • Region and Language Settings Region and Language Settings
  • Sound Options Sound Settings
  • Storage Spaced Storage Spaces
  • System Properties System Properties
  • Troubleshooting Troubleshooting
  • User Accounts User Accounts
  • Windows Firewall Windows Firewall

  • Performance Monitor Performance Monitor
  • Resource Monitor Resource Monitor
  • Reliability Monitor Reliability Monitor

Management Tools
  • Computer Management Computer Management
  • Printer Management Printer Management
  • Service Management Services Management
  • Disk Management Disk Management
  Common Features  Standard Advanced
Startup Commands Startup Commands Included Included
Running Processes Running Processes Included Included
Services Services Included Included
Installed Applications Installed Applications Included Included
File Associations File Associations Included Included
Special Folders Special Folders Included Included
Event Error Logs Event Error Logs Included Included
Reliability Records Reliability Records Included Included
Environmental Variables (System) Environmental Variables (System) Included Included
Environmental Variables (User) Environmental Variables (User) Included Included
Storage Shares Storage Shares Included Included
Printer Shares Printer Shares Included Included
Drivers (Microsoft)  Drivers (Microsoft) Included Included
Drivers (OEM)  Drivers (OEM) Included Included
BIOS Information  BIOS Information Included Included
CPU Information  CPU Information Included Included
Video Information  Video Information Included Included
Audio Devices  Audio Devices Included Included
Multimedia CODECS  Multimedia CODECS Included Included
Memory Information  Memory Information Included Included
USB Controllesr Information  USB Controllers Information Included Included
USB Hub Information  USB Hubs Information Included Included
CD/DVD Information  CD/DVD Information Included Included
Storage Information  Storage Information Included Included
Storage (Logical to Physical Mapping)  Storage (Logical to Physical Mapping) Included Included
Storage (Physical Information)  Storage (Physical Information) Included Included
Printer Information  Printer Information Included Included
Printer Drivers Information  Printer Drivers Information Included Included
Print Jobs Information  Print Jobs Information Included Included
Network Adapters  Network Adapters Included Included
IP V4 Network Tables  IP V4 Network Tables Included Included
  Microsoft Office 365 / SCCM
Office 365 Language Support  Office 365 Language Support   Included
Office 365 User Identiy Information  Office 365 User Identiy Information   Included
Microsoft Office Add-Ins  Microsoft Office Add-Ins   Included
Microsoft Outlook  Microsoft Outlook   Included
Skype for Business (Lync)  Skype for Business (Lync)    Included
SCCM Information  SCCM Information   Included
  Misc. Enterprise Applications
Cisco Jabber  Cisco Jabber   Included
JAVA Versions  JAVA Versions   Included
Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)  Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)    Included
  Networking Related Commands
ARP  ARP   Included
IPConfig /all  IPConfig /all   Included
NetStat  NetStat   Included
PING  PING   Included
TraceRT (Trace Route) and PathPing  TraceRT (Trace Route) and PathPing   Included
  Active Directory Lookup and Extract Features
AD Computer Lookup  AD Computer Lookup    Included
AD User Lookup  AD User Lookup   Included
Full AD Computer Report  Full AD Computer Report   Included
Full AD User Report  Full AD User Report   Included
  Additional Features
  Enhanced Application Status Panel   Included
Export to Excel (Full Report)  Export to Excel (Full Report)   Included
Export to Excel (Current Tab)  Export to Excel (Current Tab)   Included
Export to CSV (Current Tab)  Export to CSV (Current Tab)   Included
  Filtering of Datagrids   Included
Known (Special) Folders Navigation  Known (Special) Folders Navigation   Included
Legacy Hardware (WMI) Information  Legacy Hardware (WMI) Information   Included
  Navigation Pane   Included
  Latest Additions
AD User Lookup (Additional Tabs)  AD User Lookup (Additional Tabs)   Included
Azure Joined Status  Azure Joined Status   Included
Directory Tree View  Directory Tree View   Included
Group Policy Results  Group Policy Results   Included
Installed Cloud Storage Clients  Installed Cloud Storage Clients   Included
Installed Fonts  Installed Fonts   Included
Installed Adobe Applications  Installed Adobe Applications   Included
Installed Microsoft Office Applications  Installed Microsoft Office Applications   Included
Installed Windows (UWP) Applications  Installed Windows (UWP) Applications   Included
Installed Windows Store Applications  Installed Windows Store Applications   Included
Installed Windows Updates  Installed Windows Updates   Included
Local User Accounts  Local User Accounts   Included
Organization Chart Based on AD  Organization Chart Based on AD   Included
System Performance Graphs  System Performance Graphs Included Included
Search feature for Data Grid Tabs  Search feature for Data Grid Tabs -
Hightlights cells containing search item